Friday September 16th to Sunday September 18th 2022

You ‘re probably wondering what is happening with the National Convention “Sweet Desserts”. Below you can find a first taste of our chocolate chip cookies, with many more in the oven!

The cookie dough

We ‘ll start on Friday evening with a panel discussion. The topic will be revealed later, but it promises to be interesting and tied to the academic world. When the festivities open, we may look to a contemporary session with public speaking and, of course, a lot of fun.


Saturday will be a more traditional convention day with a GA for the presidents and boards, trainingsworkshops and company visits. We plan on having trainings and competitions in public speaking and debating, moderated by experts from JCI Schotland and JCI England.

No GA will be hosted on Sunday. That way, your presidents will have more time on Sunday to sleep off the gala and participate in the sweet dessert brunch.

The toppings


We offer you one fee of 169 euros. No expensive late fees to deal with. We believe in adding value. Because the early bird gets the worm, the earlier you come, the sweeter it will taste.

Our Cookie Dough tickets are available until December 31st 2021 and will give access to a welcome package and first servings when we announce the menu. 

Afterwards, we ‘ll bake the cake and the early servings will have been dealt out.

The pudding

To conclude: one fee of 169 euros for the entire convention. This will get you the following:

  • An all in fee to the entire weekend (yes, we said “ALL IN”)
  • GAP on Friday with interesting panel-talk
  • Entry to the GA
  • Trainings
  • Company vitis
  • Debating and public speaking competitions (moderated by experts)
  • Gala
  • Brunch on sunday
  • A lot of fun

If you register before December 31st, you get a Cookie dough ticket. Starting January 1st, we bake the cookie dough into a Red Velvet cake

The cookie dough ticket gets you the following:

  • First servings of the menu when it get’s released
  • A very warm welcome package

The first happy few will get a VIP treatment and Senators have the option to add an extra Senators lunch as an extra topping.

Are you excited yet? Register below!

The bakery

Say hello to Ine LepageKjell SpruytPepijn Palmans and Simon Meurs. We will be your bakery of service.

Of course, we can’t do this alone. We are getting help from various people of JCI Mechelen for location scouting, partners,… and some others have indicated to join the team as well.

If you are a fun person, contact us to see if you would like to be a part of the bakery as well. Lot’s of cream is still to be whipped.

Helping with putting everything in the oven and getting the cookies ready for you, is Annelies Vijncke of JCI Gent-Artevelde. If you don’t know who she is, shame. 

And not to forget! Tim Dehaes of JCI Leuven is the man who is making sure we don’t complete lose it with the Excels and such.

See you in Edegem!